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Emilia Witkowska-Nery

Research topics that interests her include electrode arrays, electronic tongues, liquid-liquid electrochemistry, and low-cost sensors. Has a soft spot for dancing, outdoor sports and drawing. A mother of 4.


Wojciech Nogala

Has 16 years of experience in experimental electrochemistry. Enthusiast of scaled-down electrochemistry,  nano- and microelectrodes, scanning electrochemical microscopy, interacting with nature and strong drinks. 


Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka

Swedish physicist who is leading an electrochemistry group focusing on microfluidics, liquid-liquid electrochemistry and more. When not doing science likes cycling and rock climbing.


Steven Linfield

Electrochemist with experience in electrodeposition, nanoelectrode fabrication, and single entity research. Enjoys the Paddington movies a little too much.


Marcin Szymon Filipiak

Passionately developing nanomaterial-based bioelectronic devices for diagnostics at the academia-industry interface. Privately - a loving dad, craft beer connoisseur and low-budget travel enthusiast.


Bren Mark Felisilda

Has experiences in industry-work, university-teaching, and collaborative-research encompassing the fields of electro and analytical chemistry. Passionate about performing arts and a certified cat-dad.


Aleksandra Kapuścińska -Bernatek

Popularizing science and taking care of international students at IPC PAS. Was winter swimming before it became a thing, plays ukulele and is a certified ocean mermaid.

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